School Philosophy

To be the premier institution in the country that serves as ‘the Centre for Excellence’ in transforming learners into good individuals to serve TSA-WA-SUM with tha dam-tshig ley gju-drey, and to equip them with skills to thrive in the twenty-first century.


  1. Achieve academic excellence by placing students at the center of learning.
  2. Foster a holistic approach towards transforming every member of the school community into a Sincere, Mindful, Astute, Resilience and Timeless citizen (SMART citizen) and a lifelong learner.
  3. Empower learners with a sense of ownership and responsibility of their learning by providing a conducive learning environment


  1. Promote “Leadership of the Self” to enhance the sense of responsibility effectively and efficiently.
  2. Promote wholesome education for equitable learning, and simultaneously adopt and execute a variety of relevant assessment techniques needed for a student to achieve success in every field.
  3. Blend, exhibit and apply appropriate skills in the use of communication and technological strategies to enhance learning.
  4. Apply appropriate pedagogical practices based on grounded content knowledge and evolving ideas of the subject. Accord the highest pastoral care to strengthen GNH values in all students and groom them into disciplined, confident and productive individuals; and,
  5. Enable students to become compassionate, motivated and respectable Green Leaders in spearheading Environmental, Academic, Spiritual, Aesthetic, Social, Moral, Intellectual and Cultural greenery.
  6. Strengthen relationship with the community and other stakeholders for child development, decision making and sense of ownership.

Punakha Central School believes that:

  1. All children are equal and competent enough to learn.
  2. Any decision taken by the school is for the welfare and benefits of the students.
  3. All members of the school (students, teachers, administrators, parents and community) should be accountable for own performance and conduct.

Core Values

Punakha Central School has a set of open values which all members of the school will always be mindful of when engaged in any action and thought. They are as follows:

  1. Excellence – We commit to take pride and maintain the highest standards at all times in any professional endeavor that we engage in.
  2. Punctuality and Attendance – We commit to be regularly present and be available to carry out the entrusted responsibility for the welfare of learners and self in the school.
  3. Respect – We commit to maintain a positive and mutual relationship with all members of the school, community and natural environment.
  4. Discipline (efficiency and effectiveness) – We commit to maintain the highest sense of self-discipline and uphold the school’s image both inside and outside at all times.
  5. Teamwork – We commit to work in teams respecting the support of fellow colleagues and regard the ideas of others and work in collaboration.
  6. Accountability – We commit to be absolutely answerable to our respective actions and avoid the conflict with the school’s interest at all times.
  7. Transparency – We commit to communicate clear intentions of all our actions and present proper rationale for all decisions that are resolved.
  8. Collaboration with Parents – We understand that parents are first teachers and teachers the second parents. Therefore, we commit to strengthen parents’ participation in students’ learning.
  9. Be Somebody – We encourage students to be proud of oneself and work towards being somebody who is confident and independent.
  10. Loyal Citizen – We commit to be obedient and consistently express strong sense of loyalty towards self, community and the country.


“Knowledge for Service”

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