Student Affairs

Student Orientation:

  1. A day long orientation program for all the students is conducted in the beginning of academic session to induct the new students and to remind old students about the pertinent rules and regulations of the school.
  2. The topics is presented by different teachers to have variety in the presentation.

Student Office Bearers:

  1. The student office bearers are appointed for smooth functioning and management of the school, and also to build leadership qualities in the students.
  2. The student office bearer shall comprise of: –
    • School Captain : Boy and Girl
    • House Captain : Boy and Girl
    • Literary Captain : Boy and Girl
    • Cultural Captain : Boy and Girl
    • Games and Sports Captain : Boy and Girl
    • Health and Sanitation Captain : Boy and Girl
    • Mess Captain : Boy and Girl
    • Prayer Captain : Two Boys
    • Chardi Captain : Boy and Girl
    • Utility Captain : Boy and Girl
    • Audio-visual Captain : Boy
  3. The student office bearers is appointed from senior most classes so as to provide them the opportunities.
  4. The interim student office bearers is appointed in the beginning of second term to assist and learn from main students’ office bearers.
  5. The interim students’ office bearers shall work under the guidance and in close consultation with the main students’ office bearers.
  6. The school adopts democratic approach to elect the students’ office bearers. For this, nominations must be sought from all staff and students and scrutinize accordingly in the staff meeting.
  7. The nominations is done only from class XI students to ensure provision of Student Office Bearer opportunity to senior students. However, exceptions is made for the areas requiring technical skills.
  8. The Badge awarding ceremony for interim students’ office bearers is conducted in the beginning of next academic session to officially recognize them as full- fledged students’ office bearers.
  9. The termination of students’ office bearers from the post is enforced if deemed necessary.

Child Mentoring/Adoption:

  1. The school appoints focal person to identify students requiring teacher mentoring.
  2. The child mentoring program conducted is ensured through appropriate strategies such as letting each teacher to mentor 19-20 students.
  3. The school ensures provision of necessary support to the child requiring teacher mentoring.
  4. The school ensures maintenance of proper progress and activity record of the child mentoring program.
  5. The record of the child mentoring program is submitted to the focal person once a term.
  6. One of the working days of a week is devoted for the child mentoring program.

Health and Sanitation Program:

  1. The school health program includes activities catering to the physical and mental welfare of students.
  2. The health awareness program and iron supplementation for all the students is carried out.
  3. The health records of all students is maintained every year to keep proper track of students’ health and to render necessary help to needy students.
  4. Every student has to maintain a health book.
  5. At least two Global Health Events is observed every year to create awareness and to provide opportunities for the health club members to exhibit their talents of coordinating the events.
  6. Daily cleaning of the school campus and toilets must is cordinated through properly designed activities.

Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Program:

  1. The school appoints a Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Team (DRRMT) focal person.
  2. The school has a DRRM plan which is shared to all staff and students.
  3. The evacuation route map is displayed in the strategic locations.
  4. Awareness program and mock drill is carried out consistently to combat disaster.
  5. DRRMT shall comprise all the staff.

Annual Award Ceremony:

  1. The award night is observed every year in November to celebrate the day by means of recognizing and rewarding capable students in different fields.
  2. The following categories of award will be given every year:
    • Student of the year.
    • Sports man and woman.
    • Champion class of the year after taking average of the points accumulated in the year.
    • Champion house of the year after taking the average of points accumulated throughout the year.
    • The certificates shall be categorized as follows:
      1. Certificate of appreciation for student office bearers.
      2. Certificate of merit for best performers in each literary activity.
      3. Certificate of recognition for voluntary service providers.Certificate of academic proficiency for class toppers.
  3. The academic proficiency award for class toppers is given after taking average of the percentage students have acquired during Mid-term and Trial examinations for classes X and XII, and Mid-term and Annual Examinations for other classes. Therefore, academic proficiency award for class toppers of other classes shall be given in the beginning of next academic session.
  4. The finalization of nominations is done through general consensus reached through extensive deliberations and not through voting at any cost to select the deserving student.

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