Mess and Utilities


  1. The school mess is run by a committee. However, daily affairs is looked after by the mess in-charges.
  2. The mess committee takes full responsibility in managing the mess in the most transparent, efficient and effective manner.
  3. Students’ representative as mess captain is included in the school mess management.
  4. The menu is developed in line with the government policy during the planning meeting and is displayed in the strategic places, and adheres strictly to provide balanced and quality food to the students.
  5. A competent cook from the cooks is appointed as a head cook.
  6. The school mess maintains a logbook to allow the staff on duty to assess the quality of food and provide feedback.
  7. The office will consider feedbacks, both written and verbal, from students on the quality of food in the mess and take necessary action.
  8. The staff on duty has to eat from school mess to enable the provision of feedbacks on the quality of food.
  9. The school floats quotation for the supply of items in the school mess as per the financial norms.
  10. The school gives preference to the farmers’ cooperative group for the supply of mess items. However, the supply is discontinued if the supply does not meet the requirement outlined in the terms and conditions.
  11. The committee ensures proper storage and management of the mess items as per the norms of the government.
  12. The detailed accounts of the school mess is presented in the monthly staff coordination meeting.
  13. Any misuse of fund by the committee is dealt as per the financial norms of the Royal Government of Bhutan. Therefore, accountability is fixed to concerned committee members.


  1. The hostel/boarding facilities is provided strictly based on the government policy.
  2. The admission in the hostel is subjected to vacancy and the conduct of a student in the previous years.
  3. The boarders have to strictly adhere to the expectations as reflected in the hostel rules and regulations (Students’ Diary).

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